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Vision & Direction


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Level & Game Design
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Licensed IPs
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Whether you need an expert outside perspective, extra firepower to help close out bugs and polish your game, help with creating and rapidly iterating early prototypes, a team to take on your project, or anything in between, we can help. 

We provide full development services, with a team that is capable of producing everything from early prototypes to shippable products. Or, if you just need an expert pinch-hitter, we can provide resources in Design, Narrative, Tech, Art, and Animation to step in and fill out your team. We are happy to work with you to understand your exact needs and ensure that our team is properly geared to take them on. 


Vision and Direction

We have years of leadership experience, both in crafting new IPs and in modernizing beloved franchises. We know - from experience - how difficult these processes can be and how much an external perspective can move things forward. We provide that perspective, helping your team establish and communicate the vision and direction which will realize your ultimate project goals.


Design runs through our veins. With years of establishing design direction, building design teams, establishing design culture, and desgning games ourselves, our experience spans the full gamut. We provide a keen outside perspective to help your team realize their gameplay vision.


With decades of experience in technical leadership, we can help your team with everything from technical directions, to risk assessments, to establishing pipelines that reduce tech-debt.


We pride ourselves not only on being able to produce great narrative, but being able to deeply understand and analyze narrative and themes as they pertain to games and gameplay. We help to ensure that your narrative grips, that your themes resonate, and that each emotional beat hits home.

Development Expertise

Level Design

Our team has expertise in all aspects of level creation, and we are happy to provide any degree of support you may need. Whether it’s cleaning up and polishing layouts, gameplay encounters, puzzles, level flow, and narrative beats, or crafting levels from ground up, we can help.

Game Design

Whether helping to polish and balance your systems, or building unique gameplay systems from the ground up that realize your vision, we are here. We have experience across the systemic board, ranging from deeply strategic progression systems to exciting moment-to-moment combat and movement. 


We have handled all forms of narrative, from designing how narrative integrates with gameplay systems, to writing, voice casting and direction, to setting narrative beats in levels and everything in between. If your team needs help pushing narrative forward, we are here for you.

Technical Design & Art

Combining heavy hitting engineering expertise with years of experience in technical design, we can build systems and pipelines for your art and design teams that maximize their effort, implement difficult systems, or help with bug fixing and unit testing to make sure your game ships.


With years of experience working on Console and PC games, we can provide high quality assets which match your art style and needs.


We have experience in animation for gameplay and cinematics, and can work with you to ensure that you have all of the animation assets needed to fulfill your vision.

Optimization and Performance

Optimizing games to hit performance goals across all platforms is no mean feat. We have experience in optimization across the board, and can ease the load on your team by helping to optimize your game.


With technical expertise that spans the spectrum, we ease the engineering load on your team. Whether that’s architecting systems from the ground up, cleaning up existing systems, or ensuring stability across platforms, we can help.

Past Project Highlights

Genre Experience

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